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Result in burning, it emerges that virtually CO2 and steam 's water.
Consumption: the heating capacity of 'bio-fireplace depends largely on the amount of ethanol that it consumes per hour. Most fireplaces consume between 0.3 and 1.2 liters of ethanol per hour.


The calorific value of bioethanol is 5250 W / h per liter burned (50% more wood). This means that 1 liter of bioethanol burned per hour has a power of 5250 Watts.

For example, bio-fireplace OSLO XL burns 1.2 liters of ethanol per hour, so it releases heat: 5250 x 1.2 = 6300 Watts

Bioethanol is ethanol 's biological and agricultural origin. It is produced from plant material and is used as biofuel (or biofuel).

It 's is ' s an energy vector from 's agriculture and belongs to the family of renewable energy. Plants containing sucrose (beet sugar) or 's starch (wheat, corn) can be transformed to give ethanol obtained by fermentation of sugar extracted from sugar plant or enzymatic hydrolysis starch content in cereals.

The bioethanol 's use of bio-fireplaces is distilled intensely order remove impurities that cause odors.

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