Heat pump Poolex P48

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Power 4.8 kW
100% Environmentally friendly thanks to its 410A Refrigerant Gas
COP 5 & ABS shell
Rotary Compressor MITSUBISHI
5 year warranty

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POOLEX heat pumps: 4 Euros "Free" for every dollar invested!
The heat pump is the ideal solution for heating your pool.
Effective, environmentally friendly and easy to install, the heat pump, which draws in outside air energy (Free) it returns to the pool water, thereby saving on the cost of operation and the ecology for the environment.
Heat the pool has long been considered a luxury, very expensive and binding.
Today, thanks to the ingenious system of heat pumps, heat the pool is an affordable pleasure.

What a pleasure to enjoy the first rays of the sun, to me in April, in your pool to 28 ° C. .. But also extend your swimming season late October to November see the lucky like we were in August ...
With the range of heat pumps POOLEX possible!
Advantage of our heat pumps:
Phase heat pump.
Titanium plate heat exchanger and stainless unalterable.
Compressor & exchanger guaranteed for 5 years.
Suitable for pools 0m3 to 25m3
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Energy Data Schema A Schema B Package
Heat pumps Poolex supplied with gas R410 / A, the most environmentally friendly and powerful have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) amounting to 5 that is to say:
5 times more power output for power input.
In other words, it transferred five times more energy than it consumes.
The condenser (heat exchanger) titanium ensures complete corrosion resistance (lifetime warranty against corrosion).
Thanks to its R410A gas with no impact on the ozone, 80% of the energy transferred to the pool from the air.
Operation at minus 5 degrees
Pumps air / water heat running from a negative outside air temperature (up to -5 ° C). They can work together throughout the year.
Automatic defrost function
Advanced defrost function due to the performance of the evaporator.
Allows you to heat your pool after a period of absence in winter.
Equipment from the latest technology:
Rotary compressor "Mitsubishi"
Green Refrigerant: R410A Gas, last generation! 100% Ecological
The condenser (heat exchanger) titanium ensures complete corrosion resistance (lifetime warranty against corrosion)
Evaporator extremely powerful.
COP 5: ratio between the energy returned to the pool and the energy consumed.
Temperature control of heating mechanical thermostat.
Outside, near the technical area. It is strongly recommended to leave between 4 and 5 meters of space in front of the discharge portion (fan)
In general, the device is placed around the equipment room. Poolex features an ultra-quiet compressor range "Toshiba" or "Mitsubishi".
5 year warranty on the compressor.
LIFETIME warranty on the heat exchanger.
2 years warranty on electrical equipment.
Heating capacity 4230 W
Power Consumption 912 W
C.O.P. at 15 ° C 4.74
C.O.P. at 23 ° C 4.94
220V / 50Hz
4.17 A Rated Power
Maximum power 7.8 A
Volume Max. 25 m³
Debit Min. 2.1 m³
Noise 51 dBA at 1m
10m 30 dBA noise
Bypass diameter 50 mm
Dimensions 715 x 290 x 565 mm
Weight 39 Kg
Refrigerant gas R410A
E.E.R. 3.17
Reversibility yes
Top Rotary Compressor MITSUBISHI

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