Double poste dorsal

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Its smooth, frictionless patented system offers unmatched comfort work.
His knee wedges and oversized bar and adjustable footrests you slip stabilized in an ideal and safe position throughout the year.
Comes with bar dorsal and drawbar

   Discs and collars are optional.
Transition between high and low pulley without manipulation
  System cables instant draw
  Sliding on ball bearings, fluid and frictionless
  Knee pads 8 positions
  Knee pads oversized high density foam
  Footrests slip coating
  Dorsal bar with foam protection and central drawbar
  Thick and comfortable sitting DuraFirm ™
  Reinforced steel structure
  Ideal for both the private and semi-professional
For standarts Records and Olympic records
     (with adapter)
  Sun device: L 152 x W 81 x H 208 cm
  Sun of the dorsal bar: 122 cm
  Sun of the drawbar 51 cm
  Weight: 48 kg
  Color: gray, black upholstery

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