Infrared sauna sun white, 2 places

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Capacity: 2 People
Dimensions: 120 x 105 x 190 cm
Power: 1845 W
7 Diffusers Infrared Carbon Fiber
Made in : Spruce Canada certified origin
Warranty: 2 years

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The classic and elegant infrared sauna

The range of infrared sauna ATHENA seduces for its classic design reminiscent of traditional saunas raw wood .

This infrared cabin was manufactured in Canada Spruce certified origin to preserve a natural appearance inside and outside the cab.

The best materials for an infrared sauna quality

Each of the infrared sauna ATHENA materials were carefully selected to guarantee a high quality sauna that you can maintain throughout your life.

The ATHENA sauna was designed Spruce Canada certified origin , a Canadian noble wood without knots and resin-free , often used in construction for its robust properties.

Infrared sauna broadcasters that are 100% carbon infrared panels arranged optimally for a uniform and pleasant diffusion in the cabin. Carbon diffuser is the most advanced and the most successful in the field of infrared technology. It produces feature Infrared type C which provides optimum performance with the widest distribution of heat, shorter heating time and throughout the life of your infrared cabin.

Functional infrared cabin

Infrared cabin ATHENA installs easily in just 20 minutes without any tools. You can easily assemble the panels through the sytem "Fast up" quick grip. No specific electrical connection is required, a simple normal socket enough to power your sauna.

A cabin with high-end equipment

ATHENA infrared saunas feature high quality equipment :

- Adjustable chromotherapy depending on the desired stimulating or calming effects.
- Interior lighting will allow you to continue an activity providing sufficient light without being aggressive .
- The CD/radio/MP3 player with two speakers allowing you to choose music relaxing atmosphere.

- The external but also internal control allowing you to set the desired temperature and without leaving your sauna time .
- The door adjustable ventilation to keep fresh air in your sauna and avoid mold.
- The integrated ionizer with ventillateur to purify and sanitize the air in your sauna with two positions Ozone that fights bacteria by producing negative ions, or ionizer to remove bacteria without producing ozone

An infrared sauna is designed according to specifications very strict specifications

All elements of the infrared sauna ATHENA , as the electronic part that internal and external woodwork have been strictly controlled to meet European standards.

Quality packaging

Our saunas are carefully packaged to ensure optimal protection of your order during transit. Each element of the sauna is carefully separated by a piece of polystyrene 3 cm then packed in a carton dual groove (packing heavy duty) .


Capacity: 2 People
Dimensions ( H x W x D) : 190 x 120 x 105
Voltage : 220 V
Power: 1845 W
Operating temperature: 18-60 ° C
Nature Wood : Spruce Canada certified origin
Number of IR emitters : 7 transmitters Carbones
Editing: Hooks FastUp ®
Chromotherapy : yes
Ionizer ( air purifier ): yes
Lighting : Interior
Control Panel: Display Digital interior and exterior & Post FM/CD/MP3 with 2 speakers
Inner and outer door handles : Wood
Warranty: 2 years

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